Optimal IT modernization involves transformation through strategy and organizational change, company and operation, and technology. TechSur brings deep experience to the federal government in many of these fields.

Application modernization processes restructuring existing systems in line with current business needs, integrating established design concepts and technologies and modernizing the platform’s underlying infrastructure and architecture, providing the highest agility, scalability, and performance.


Modernization is the first step in the adoption of emerging digital, cyber, and cloud technologies that accelerate change through business and government sectors. IT transformation gives agencies the structure they need to fulfill complex end-user needs and to stand up for a new enterprise. Modernize your legacy processes and change your experience.

Deliver Faster

Modernization enables an effective and streamlined distribution of capabilities. This, combined with agile approaches, allows agencies to streamline the delivery of ability. 

Improve Security

Legacy technology is infested with security problems that are hard to repair. Modernization eliminates threats and increases protection with technology that is easier to upgrade and track.

Reduce Cost

Modernization optimises running costs through cloud use and automation. Best-fit technology range allows for the retirement of home-grown solutions.

Engage Better

Modernization allows improved tools to engage people and workers by user-centric design. Integrated services provide better data for decision-making at each level.

TechSur helps Enterprise and Federal agencies evaluate and analyse the current state of the legacy application on several levels of business-logics, design, applications, code quality and performance.